Our trees are an extremely valuable natural resource.

Preserving them and helping trees thrive in the urban forest is our goal. We have educated tree experts, and we will monitor your trees and shrubs for any health problems. Whether it's a massive white oak reaching 75 feet tall, or a small red maple tree in your front yard. Trees have different needs, and the urban environment has created all types of problems and environments that trees must adapt to. Our process is to work with what the individual plant needs and make realistic plans. As always, we will never over-apply chemicals or pesticides just to make a sale. We usually believe less is more. In many cases, doing a small process and merely watering can save your tree. Other times it is more complicated. We hope you will choose our tree service to help your trees thrive!


Insect Damage

Trees can become subject to insect feeding or other types of damage. Many types of insects make their homes in your trees, and while most of them are beneficial and contribute to the ecosystem, there is a bad bunch. There is a normal amount of damage that can be tolerated, but in some cases, it can be severe. We will monitor the status of your foliage or other parts to determine if you have insects harming your trees. Some insects are painless but there are few that can be fatal. Many will cause unsightly aesthetic damage. Our assessment and application skills will help to control your problems.


Disease Management

Many tree problems are caused by diseases of all kinds. Caused mainly by varieties of fungi, trees can become susceptible to all kinds of diseases which can cripple their health. When a tree is growing optimally, it can resist the diseases that exist in the environment. When certain problems arise with the trees environment, it can become weaker in its reaction and contract an ailment. Some diseases can become fatal quickly, some diseases can be saved, and some diseases are absolutely nothing to worry about. As arborists, we want to help you assess your property to understand what is happening and what can be done. It is a complicated process and each tree is different.


"Great service...awesome lawn"

Bradley Baerlocher

"Keep up the great work, you guys brought my yard back to life! I can't thank you and your staff enough for the excellent service!"

Rob Pryzma

"After hiring Pure Turf & Tree, my yard transformed from a weedy mess into a beautiful, green, weed-free lawn! The technicians were very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I had them spray for mosquitoes as well and had no issues with my family and dogs getting bit."

Amanda Lewinski

"Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness"

Adam Hallett


Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root fertilizer applications are an extremely effective way to grow the health of your soil. The application is a pressured mixture of mostly organic materials to craft a living soil that your roots will thrive in. Deep root fertilization is proven to increase root mass, and will also help prepare your trees and plants for the winter. We can cater the mixture to your soil, adjusting the pH slightly, adding nutrients that are deficient, or just aerifying compact soil to help oxygen uptake. Assessing your trees for poor health can tell you if you should deep root. We can come analyze your property and help you decide which plants and areas can benefit from this service. Deep rooting can be done every year and your plants will thank you!

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Structural Pruning for Young Trees

Having a young tree can be a very enjoyable experience, watching it grow bigger and bigger each year. You may not see it when you look at your new tree, but there can be problems in the branching structure that can cause damaging problems later in life. If you desire a long, healthy, life for your small – medium trees, then structural pruning will ensure a long term branching path that will prevent any hazardous developments or improper structure. It is done mainly on deciduous trees that are not yet large. Structural pruning will also help optimal resource allocation and make your tree healthier.


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For more information on Pure Turf & Tree or to request a quote for our services, please fill out the contact form below.