This is my first season with you guys and I'm super happy and impressed! A+++++ job, you get a gold star, all my neighbors are jealous!

Brian B ( Washington )

This is a very professional organization that provides a variety of great services to keep your outdoor spaces looking their best. They have excellent, prompt communication and experienced technicians that can easily explain how their services work. Highly recommend.

AJ K ( Bloomfield Hills )

I switched to Pure Turf starting the 2022 season because my previous lawn company was unreliable and I could not trust they were doing the work. Pure Turf has my lawn looking great. My neighbors say I have the best looking lawn in the subdivision and they switched over to Pure Turf this year. I added tree & shrub service for 2023. Extremely satisfied with the service and the people at Pure Turf.

KPM ( Rochester Hills )

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me during your visits and for ALL of your helpful advice this season!

Kathleen O ( Bloomfield Hills )

Just wanted to say how happy I am having switched to your company. Our yard has never looked better, the guy Garret that comes to fertilize is extremely friendly, incredibly knowledgeable, and has given me tons of helpful tips. We constantly get compliments from people walking by and neighbors, which many of them will be contacting your company for a quote to switch over. Thank you again, excellent job!

Gabe R ( Rochester Hills )

My lawn has never looked better and I'm very happy this season! Thanks for the great work and advice!

David L ( Orion Charter Township )

I'm so thankful for your great service! I spent a lot of money on getting my lawn and landscape redone and couldn't be happier with the results!

Paul W ( Troy )

Your magic green touch has made a huge difference in just this first year of coverage. Many thanks. Can't begin to express my appreciation for your work helping keep my baby looking good. If you happen to be in the area, drive by to take a look for yourself. It has never looked better!

Bob W ( Bloomfield Hills )

You are the best lawn and tree company I've had the pleasure of using! I tell everyone I know to use you guys! Thank you for your services!

Bob S ( Birmingham )

Thank you Pure Turf and Tree for another season of taking care of my fertilization needs. And especially a Big Thank You to Mike the consummate professional and great guy!! Have a good winter!

Tony P ( Rochester Hills )

Pruning Tree Branches & Shrubs

Pruning of branches can seem simple, and sometimes it is. When it comes to larger trees or special shrubs, knowing your pruning basics can save you hassle.

Pruning tree branches

If you are deciding to prune your own trees, do not use a ladder or unsafe way to reach higher levels. If you need to leave the ground, it is best to call an ISA certified tree climber arborist. They will climb into the tree with safe training, and prune branches with skill. If you want to cut some branches from the ground, there are some tips to know. Make sure you make an undercut underneath any branch you will cut. This is done on the underside of the branch near the trunk. This prevents bark from ripping as the branch falls. Do not cut your branch near the trunk, go out past the branch collar, a visible ridge in between the branch and trunk.

Pruning shrubs

There are many shrubs that can be cut all the way to the ground and will survive through the winter. Other shrubs require some care when taking out the pruners. With flowering shrubs, make sure you prune after the flowering is done. If you do not do this, you can sometimes cut off all the wood that will produce flowers in the upcoming season. Shearing boxwoods and yews can be a high maintenance project, but it is possible to sustain. When shearing a hedge, indiscriminate cuts are made to the young new growth that appears every year. While it may look geometric, it does cut the plant off from its natural cycle of growth. Hedges quickly become susceptible to insect and disease problems in response to the shearing. If you must shear your shrubs, there are ways to help them out. Let them grow slightly larger. Widen the bases to help more sunlight reach the leaves. Each scenario is different, we can help you assess your decisions.

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