January 17, 2023

Early Spring Lawn Care

The first thing you’ll want to do in the spring is look at your grass after the snow melts and assess problem areas such as dead or bare spots. Generally it helps to rake your lawn lightly to clear up those problem areas and debris, and raking helps to get oxygen into any spots with snow mold to eliminate the fungus that may be there. Raking those problem areas will assist with natural turf-grass recovery as soil temperatures rise, especially in smaller sized spots. For larger dead areas, we suggest using sod to cover in the spring. One benefit of using sod in the spring is the rain we typically get will help the new sod integrate into the soil surface, as it needs to be watered daily. Another benefit of sodding in the spring is being able to use pre-emergent herbicides to reduce the number of weeds that will germinate. If seed is put down, you cannot use any pre-emergents in those areas, as it will stop those seeds from germinating. Please note that if you are going to use sod, the dead grasses must be removed before placing sod in those areas to promote root growth into the soil and it needs a little time to become established before applying pre-emergent herbicides. As for cutting, ensure you have a sharp blade on your mower and cut high; 3.5″ is optimal. When using a weed whacker, it’s crucial to not cut down to the ground as it is detrimental to the grasses and makes it easier for weeds to grow in those areas. It is important to get irrigation running around late April or May after the potential for freezing conditions is over. During this time of year, the temperature promotes more growth of the turf. Frequent light watering is ideal for both growth and disease management, as well as reduces the risk of potential grub damage later on in the year. Finally, using fertilizer will help provide necessary nutrients to your grasses and strengthen the growth of both the roots and top growth while producing a nice green up of the grass.

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