Deer & Rabbit Repellent

Deer or other animals can be a beautiful sight in any natural landscape, but when they start damaging your property by eating your garden and landscape plants, they can quickly become a nuisance. One of the best methods to keep deer and other animals away from your desired plants is to install sturdy fencing in those areas. Incorporating plants like lavender or mint, which are less attractive to deer, can also be effective.

Fortunately, we offer Deer and Rabbit Repellent Services as a solution to this problem. Our Deer and Rabbit Repellent Treatment Program includes a foliar spray applied monthly during periods of growth when the plant is most desired to be eaten. It is designed to repel deer and rabbits before they begin browsing on shrubs and plants, by emitting an odor that is unpleasant to them, as well as acting as a taste bitterant. Rest assured, we use all natural and non-toxic products, keeping your landscape safe for pets and children.

Our Deer and Rabbit Repellent Treatment Program includes a total of four spring and fall applications, and one winter deer repellent treatment. The winter deer repellent treatment is a foliar spray applied in the fall, and lasts through the winter months into the early spring. Though the winter repellent treatment leaves a light temporary residue, it has proven to be effective at protecting your trees and shrubs from irreparable damage.

By working with Pure Turf and Tree, you can protect your property and preserve the natural beauty of your landscape. With our customized programs that take into accout the layout of your property and specific needs, you can create a beautiful, deer-free landscape that you can enjoy year-round.

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